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© Steve Price

magic, comedy and sleight of hand expert

Steve's passion for performing began at the age of ten when his parents gave him an Ali Bongo Book of Magic for his birthday.  From that moment, he knew he wanted to be an entertainer.

After he had completed a university degree in Product Design and Manufacture, Steve remembers a phone call with his mother.

‘So’, she asked, "what are you going to do now?"

Steve’s answer was immediate. ‘You know what I want to do. I’m going to be a magician.’

‘No, no, no,’ she said, ‘what are you really going to do?’

Steve knew she had a point. He didn’t have the performing experience to make magic his sole income, so he trained as a secondary school teacher, quickly becoming Head of Design and Technology at Loughborough High School. All the while, though, he was moonlighting as a magician.  He told no one about his guilty secret until one fateful night when, at the Y Theatre in Leicester, the young lady who volunteered to help him on stage turned out to be one of his own students.  His cover was blown.

Despite having a ‘job for life’, Steve knew that his future didn’t really lie in the classroom. In 2005, after just three years as a teacher, he gave it all up to perform full-time. He joined the world-famous Magic Circle and gained invaluable experience in those early years by performing for churches and Christian groups across the UK.  He quickly expanded his range of work to include theatres, restaurants, football stadiums, playing fields, boats and even cathedrals.

In 2011, Steve became The Magic Circle’s Honorary Secretary.  He remained in that role for three years, looking after the interests of 1,500 members worldwide.  He was forced to step down, however, when he began to be invited to perform regularly on cruise ships.  These bookings meant that he was out of the country for long periods at a time, making it impractical to continue serving The Magic Circle in such an active way.

A versatile, globe-trotting magician, Steve now balances his time performing for private clients around Europe, at public events, and on cruise liners.  To find out more about booking him for your event, please fill out the enquiry form on the Contact page.